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Kshan Sadhana Self-Perspective:

Kshan Sadhana Self-Perspective:

The whole day been divided into two parts. First from Sunset time to 11.15 pm at night and other from 11.15 pm at night to next day Sunset time. The time from Sun set to 11.15 is further divided into three parts;

Kaal Sadhana(क्षण साधना):-

1. Sunset to 8 pm is known as Kaal(काल).

2. from 8 pm to 10 pm is known as Kaalakaal(कालाकाल).

3. from 10 to 11.15 pm is known as Akaal(अकाल).

Thus from Sunset to 11.15 pm is known as Tri-Kal Sadhana (3 Kaal Sadhana of Kaal-Kaalakaal-Akaal respectively).

While from 11.15 at night to next say sunset is divided into eight parts knwn as Kshan, thus this time is for 8-Kshan Sadhana. The 8 divisions are

Kshan Division:-

1.Mahamahakshan/ महामहाक्षण (11.15pm-12 at night).

2.Mahakshan/ महाक्षण (12-3 pm).

3.Brahmkshan/ ब्रह्मक्षण (3 am to Sunrise time).

4.Mayakshan/ मायाक्षण (Sunrise to 8 am).

5.Mohmayakshan/ मोहमायाक्षण (8-12 noon).

6. Abhishapt Kshan/ अभिषप्त (12 noon-3 pm).

7.Dagdh Kshan/ दग्ध क्षण (3-Sandhyakaal).

8.Sandhi Kshan/ सन्धि क्षण (Sandhya to Sunset time).  

When Cosmic creation took place through Shiv and Shakti, play of light and darkness started. Light generated Anubhav(अनुभव) or experience while in darkness nothing could be seen hence experience did not happen. Light was also known as intelligence or knowledge while darkness was known as ignorance. Till now whatever has been written in our scriptures is the outcome of research on light or knowledge through experience by our ancient sages. None has researched on darkness, thus we can say half the inquiry on consciousness was done. To complete the experience, one has to pursue the research on darkness too.

During day, Sun is shining, light is there, experience is there, thus knowledge is generated. Thus, we can say that at that time Jupiter or Guru is working and providing us experience of knowledge. When Sun sets during a day, as per astrology, Rahu(राहु) starts operating, which is considered a malefic planet. Thus, we have all the poojans, meditations suggested during this transition period to ward off the negative energy. By indulging in such activities, we are trying to revive Jupiter or Guru during the time of Rahu or we can say we are trying to generate light in the time of darkness. So from Sunset to 8 pm is this time which is to negate time of Kaal. After this comes the transition period Kaal-Akaal(कालाकाल) represented by 8-10 pm, 2 hour slot. If we are able to maintain our positivity during this period we transcend the effect of Kaal(काल) and reach a state beyond it known as Akaal(अकाल), where there is no Kaal.

Thus, during tri kaal sadhana time, we are generating the presence of Guru(through poojan and meditation activities) in the presence of malefic Rahu, hence, this time is connected with Guru. Thus we can say that Kaal sadhana() is the period of generating of the guru or finding guru or Jupiter in the presence of ignorance of darkness or malefic effect of negative part of planet Rahu.

When Kaal appears or disappears, then Kshan(क्षण) appears. So, at the start of creation and near the end of dissolution, Kshan(क्षण) arrives or we can say that change will occur only in the presence of Kshan(क्षण). At the moment of Kshan(क्षण) only, Bindu will be generated to provide gate way for creation or complete dissolution. Therefore, when we reach the end of Kaal, Mahamaha kshan(क्षण) arrives from 11.15-12 ‘o’ clock at night. This is very important, as during this time base or Adhaar(आधार) is generated for the Kshan(क्षण) to join. Sadhak starts his sadhana of research on darkness through his own self. He does various Kriyas, which in a way can be said to be collecting light particles from the darkness i.e. seeking knowledge in  that dark ocean of ignorance.

Thus sadhak(साधक) continues his sadhana through Mahamahakshan(महामहाक्षण), Mahakshan(महाक्षण) and Brahmkshan(ब्रह्मक्षण) and in the end does Jyoti mudra, which depicts his effort of amassing light in the ocean of darkness as he is rewarded with Sun of effulgence. Depending on the amount of effulgence generated, one can decipher the success of the sadhana. When this Sun arises sadhak converts into a Yogi and the outside Sun in the nature too rises up and thus he gets connected to nature. Thus sadhak was not sitting idle but worked whole time during darkness of night or ignorance, generating experience with open eyes, gathering his pranic energy, turning Urdhavretas(उर्धवरेतस), piercing all the chakras and achieving a state of yogi in the experience of Khechari mudra(खेचरी मुद्रा). Thus one can say that this Nisha or night sadhana is to convert a sadhak into a yogi. Thus, we can assimilate the whole process in one line that Nisha-sadhana(निशासधना) is nothing but research on the other half or unknown part of the self, to achieve completeness…….Jai Ma…Jai Guru. Om!   

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