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Divine-Science (great knowledge) of Sun - Part I

Renderings from Divine-Science (great knowledge) of Sun of Gyan Ganj - Part I (written by Gopinath Kaviraj and translated in to Hindi by SN Khandelwal)

In the procedure of Vigyan (विज्ञान) or divine science, there is knowledge as well as activity because in the absence of knowledge, activity can not be undertaken. Meaning of knowledge here is, information which is required to produce that which is not yet seen. The thing which is to be produced if that was not the goal of the knowledge at hand then how can one use the activity of required procedure for generating the end product or desired objective. We should understand here that this evident knowledge is not non-dual because in it, action is not perceived separately, just by wishing the aspect of activity is completed. Till the dual thinking is not transcended, the power of desire can not be generated. Thus here under the aspect of Divine science or knowledge, it is equally important to follow both knowledge and the activity part to accomplish it, for realization of the desired goal.

The realm above divine knowledge is very mysterious, even desire can not enter this space. Desire arises in state of Ishwar (इश्वर), while great knowledge is the play in the inner quarters of maha shakti. Desire is the cause of whole creation. It is to be understood here that the most secret power which works in the base of Ishwar or desire, is part of that great power on which great knowledge is based. 

Now we will discuss normal knowledge or science first, which means Knowledge of Sun or Science of Sun. The creation and annihilation of the worldly manifestation, is in fact expansion and contraction of Shakti only which is also known as process of Yog-Viyog (योग वियोग). With the help of proper ingredients, their compositional knowledge, process of mixing, one can generate the desired output. Before moving on to this stage, one has to understand the form of the matter to be produced. As with the help of alphabets we make sentences and write paragraphs, in the same manner with the help of ingredients, we generate end product. In this process, only ingredients are not important but how they are related, what is their atomic structure, how they mix with each other, in what percentage they mix, is equally important. The person must have detailed knowledge of the ingredients and its atomic composition. By this procedure, lower level of creation of desire is reflected. Specialty of this process is that one can not generate the intended item, till all the ingredients are not mixed. Just by absence of any ingredient or extra amount of any of them, will not lead to desired final result. The objective may be realized slowly or quickly but it can never be realized if all the ingredients are not there. What ever is being said here is being discussed accepting the ingredients and end product as two different entities. 

There is another thought process that both these entities are both not different or are one. In this line of thinking too, the principle of creation of desired object is similar. Creation is also of two kinds, joined and independent. Even by not accepting the end product as different, there is no change in the earlier explained principles. Discussion can be carried out only after accepting reaction of bonding of ingredients in the space of end product.

Another point of view is that without the availability of ingredients, the final product may materialize, this should also be remembered under science or knowledge of Sun. While explaining the karya bindu (कार्य बिन्दु) and Causal bindu (कारण बिन्दु), as explained earlier a thing may be understood to be made of individual ingredients or without them. The discussion on creation should be from both khand (खण्ड)/ fragmented and Akhand (अखण्ड)/ unfragmented point of view. Where the knowledge all the objects and its ingredients are unseen, on that juncture even the scientific process of creation does not stop. That which is known as 'Formula' that gets postulated. The causal bindu (कारण बिन्दु) agitated by the basic entity and because of that the agitation which occurs in ingredients, on proper analysis of it formula of creation becomes known. Causal bindu (कारण बिन्दु) itself starts converting to Karya bindu on agitation. On analyzing this agitation one can understand the ingredients and their joining for the purpose of cosmic creation. Ancient teachers never made karan bindu (कारण बिन्दु) or Yoni tattva evident, they do not even exhibit the capacity to show bindu. Just by earning the capacity of understanding of list of agitated ingredients and their relative relationships, the formula for cosmic creation is invented. From this point only, the rules of great science can be postulated. Then those who become witness to them just by following these rules and are knower of desired production methods, get busy in the process of scientific creation.......continued to Part III......Om!

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