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Jap Tattva - from 'Diksha' by Pt.Gopinath Kaviraj.

Renderings from Jap Tattva: written by Pt. Gopinath Kaviraj and Hindi translation by Vishvanath Mukharjee.

While in jap, outer air makes our 'ojas (ओजस)' or effulgence spread outward.  With manas jap one achieves para Avastha (परा अवस्था), Manas jap is up to mind only. Dhyan (ध्यान) is done in Buddhi (बुद्धि) or intellect, Samadhi (समाधि) also is up to intellect. After this knowledge arises. With the help of tej (तेज) arises, which is seen by the inner gaze in front.

Shaktipaat is power of desire and Diksha (दीक्षा) is Kriya shakti (क्रिया शक्ति) or power of action. Everyone has ego which is called Aham (अहं) in Hindi language, alphabets from A(अ) to Ha(ह) , all the 50 alphabets. By seeing the last three life spans of the person, guru finds the best path for spiritual practice for that person. One has to then perform act as per the instructions of the guru. One has to completely follow the instructions and complete the desired or assigned work in this very life time only. The path on which the practitioner has to work more that path alone is good for him or her. Actions of the past become helpful in achieving goal or fruit in this life.   

When one moves from the mouth of the creation into the realm of time or kaal, one has to move through various levels of creation. First it arises as Chitt Shakti (चित्त् शक्ति; in the form of light) from Chitt(चित्त) form. Then it is known as Chid Anu(चिद अणु) which is inside the envelop of Chit shakti (चित्त् शक्ति). This is the shadow of the complete ego and is the first body of the Atma or soul and is called Anavmal (आणवमल; very thought that Atma is different from Parmatama). This does not live in the realm of Kaal (काल) but Mahamaya (महामाया). Mahamaya (महामाया) then prepares second body or sheath over atma (मायिकमल; one feels I am this body). Then this atma with two different coverings enter the realm of maya. Maya realm also covers it with another covering which is third veil of ignorance over it (कार्मिकमल; when he thinks 'I am the doer'). Getting these coverings or sheaths of ignorance one by one means understanding of past three lives of the disciple and hence are representative of the last three births.    

While on return path, a jeev (जीव) has to pierce the maya form to enter the space of Mahamaya, there he has to pierce the second body or covering given by mahamaya (महामाया). Once that is also pierced then one has to enter into the third covering over the chidanu (चिदअणु) provided by Chit Shakti (चित्त शक्ति). Then one has to get out of Chit shakti realm to enter the real Chit form. Depending upon the sheaths or covering given on the Atma (आतमा), as many karm bhoomis are provided to the Jeev. After completing the karma of Mayic deh (मायिक देह) one transcends the realm of Maya or illusion. Then he has to complete the work of Mahamaya (महामाया) body. Once that is finished then he transcends that realm too. On getting out of mahamaya (महामाया), the yogi becomes the ruler of Mahamaya. Then he has to complete his actions of Chinmaya (चिन्मय) form and then transcend that realm too to enter Chit shaktis (चित्त शक्ति) source. Thus all different powers become his own powers. Thus during birth, a jeev comes equipped with three covering or bodies, while returning through the yog (योग) path, he pierces all those three forms, and gets established in the centroid or middle point of the triangle or Vishvayoni (विशव योनि) or cosmic womb. 

With each prakriti (प्राकृति), specific Akriti (आकृति) is generated. By knowing various Akritis (आकृति), karmas or prakriti (प्राकृति) of a disciple is seen and dictated by the Guru. This helps the disciple to chart his spiritual journey to achieve the desired goal. As per Ram Thakur ji, 'A mercy filled gaze of guru itself is diksha or Initiation' i.e. दया पूर्ण ईक्षण ही दीक्षा है।  When Shabd-Brahm (शब्द ब्रह्म) lightens up then Seed or beej is established in Causal body. There is no impurity in this seed, its totally pure, unnatural seed and seed of causal realm. One who provides it is called Father, since it is provided to the disciple by Guru, hence Guru is the father of the disciple and hence it is said अहं बीजप्रदः पिता. This is the secret of Guru. The fruit of this alone is second birth, achievement of Dwijatva (द्विजत्व). This is also known as Upnayan (उप्नयन), the sacred thread ceremony of Brahmins. This is the meaning of what is said in Bible that ' Unless a man is Born again'. 

Initiation, whether it is Brahm Diksha or Shakti Diksha, but it is always done by taking the part of pure truth or consciousness. this is the power of action part or Rajobal (रजोबल). Thus without taking the help of Rajobal, initiation can not be performed. Without it Tamas can not be removed. In Chit shakti diksha (चित्त शक्ति दिक्षा - initiation) due to the effect of Chit Shakti all the three attributes i.e. Sat, Raj, Tam are separated. In the end nothing is left but only pure consciousness prevails. With initiation of pure Satva (सत्व), Tamas (तमस) gets removed. Due to this purity is attracted and it gets strongly manifested. When this happens, Chit becomes pure and jeev is able to support the pure Consciousness/ Chaitanya at that moment. Without the initiation of the inner world, just by Pratyahaar (प्रत्यहार) of the senses nothing will happen. Because the mind, which gets darshan of inner realm, by focusing that one can not enter causal realm. But if it is done done then one can see only 'Jyoti (ज्योति)', nothing more than that. But if Karan (कारण) or Causal initiation is done and mind gets focused then one would immediately achieve the desired result. This is known as Swabhaav (स्वभाव) and is the essence of a jeev.............Om! 

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