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Rendering on Karm or Action:

 Renderings on Karm or Action:'Sidh Bhoomi Gyan Ganj', written by Gopinath Kaviraj, translated into by SN Khandelwal.

Whether the action performed is right or wrong, can be gauged from the state of mind in a person at that time. If mind feels agitated while performing that karma or action, then it means that work is not correct and it is faulty. When good-bad, Pleasure-pain, loss-benefit all these merge in to the ocean of atma with the help of power of karma, then chances of darshan of pran shakti become possible. By continuous service and hard work one receives the the fruit of power of action. 

In the service activity, three power of Karm/ action, Gyan/ knowledge and Bhav(भाव)/ Emotion merge. This merging happens in the bindu(बिन्दु). From this Bindu only, Mahabhav(महाभाव) descends. That is why it is said that seva or service only, makes the Mahabhav(महाभाव) to appear. 

Place of Karma is 'Physical body(स्थूल शरीर)',

Place of knowledge of 'Ajna Chakra(अज्ञा चक्र)',

Place of Bhav is Sahasrar chakra(सहस्रार चक्र),


Place of Mahahav(महाभाव) is above Sahasrar(सहस्रार चक्र).

While reaching the state of Mahabhav(महाभाव), both lines and bindu disappear or merge and light appears in the form of a circle which is clearly seen in the chidakash(चिदाकाश) even with open eyes(in dark). This circle of light is known as Akhand(अखण्ड) Mandalakar(मण्डलाकार) Gyanganj(ज्ञान गञ्ज).

Till one is in physical body, gross Kumari seva is essential for removing the gross karmas performed by practitioner. But when subtle karmas or Sanskaras(संस्कार) are to removed that is done by serving subtle Kumaris(कुमारी). From the base of the spine three nadis(नाडी) emanate, namely Ida(ईदा), Pingla(पिङ्गला), Sushumana(सुषुमना). Till Ajna Chakra(अज्ञा चक्र) all three travel. But when further upward movement starts only Sushumana(सुषुमना) is there. When it reaches the chidakash(चिदाकाश) and circle of light is approached, then bindu is seen in the center. It is said the title of person who used to be witness to this light was 'Rishi'(ॠषि). 

After this, one has to enter that middle bindu(बिन्दु) to qualify to be called a yogi. One believes that Brahm nadi of Sushumana enters through this bindu(बिन्दु) and leads the Yogi to realm of Paravaak(परावाक) on the other side. In the Brahm Nadi(ब्रह्मनाडी) all the chakras are located. All chakras have matrika shaktis(मातृका शक्ति) sitting in them. In total there are 50 Matrika Shaktis(मातृका शक्ति) in the 50 petals of 6 chakras from Mooladhar(मूलाधार) to Ajna Chakra(अज्ञा चक्र). It is said that the place of Subtle Kumaris is inside Brahm Nadi(ब्रह्मनाडी). It means when one moves into the Brahmnadi(ब्रह्मनाडी) one sees all the chakra Marika Shaktis and probably they are the Kumari tattva of the subtle realm as they all take their form Primordial Shakti who is the real Kumari tattva as it has the potential to create. She alone is manifest in its respective form where ever creation or birth takes place. One does dhyan(ध्यान) and poojan(पूजन) of Kumari's in the Brahmnadi who help to burn all his Sanskaras carried from previous births even. Thus service to Kumari burns all our karmas, Sanskaras(संस्कार) and the misdeeds(दुष्कृत) of the physical body. 

Thus as we move higher and higher, we move more and more inside, we enter into more and more subtle realms. Depending on it ones spiritual level enhances. One moves from the grossness of the Vachik(वाचिक) and Madhyama jap(मध्यमा जप) into the subtle state of Pashyanti(पश्यन्ति), where true to its meaning of 'Pashya(पश्य) or seeing, one sees the ball of light which is known as the inner Sun of a yogi. Due to this alone, a yogi has no rule for facing ay direction. Which ever side he is facing, he is always facing his inner Sun and for him all sides are East........................Om!

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