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Renderings from 'Secrets of Gyanganj'.

'Secret of Gyanganj' from book 'Gyanganj' written by Gopinath Kaviraj and translation in Hindi done by SN Khandelwal.

Knowledge can be divided in to two categories, 1. Dry Knowledge, 2. Divine Knowledge.

With Dry knowledge one may gain a level by which one can annihilate mayic physical form but it certainly can not help one to enter the realm of Guru.

Through Divine knowledge, one develops Shakti form and then attains Divine form. By following this the doors to the realm of Guru kingdom opens. So while returning from the mayic world such atmas gain entry into such realms. Here also there is difference in the attainment of different atmas happen. Atmas who have partial awakening of Kundalini power, they are bestowed with partial grace of Guru. Because of this partial grace, such atmas develop only 'discrimination(विवेक)'. With the help of this, they transcend body ego and attain self which lights up as Chid(चिद). The seed of Karma gets burnt and any possibility of their falling back into the earlier ignorant state is removed. They get free from the cycle of birth and death or we can say they attain 'Kaivalya(कैवल्य)' state.

Now the other more higher qualified ones get more grace from their guru. As a result of which following categorization can be done:

1. Those in whom first of Kundalini(कुण्डलिनि) awakening has taken place, they realize that consciousness is the form of Atma. 

2. Those in which second stage of Kundalini awakening has taken place, in them Chit shakti(चित्त शक्ति) arises. This is known as Shudh(शुद्ध) or Pure Vidya/ knowledge. This is entry into the realm of Guru. In fully ripened state of this level, one achieves Shivatva(शिवत्व) or state of Shiv. Here power of Chit develops to a little more extent. Shudh Vidya(शुद्ध-विद्या) is known as Divine Knowledge(दिव्य ज्ञान) and both Gyan(ज्ञान)/ Knowledge and Kriya(क्रिया)/ Action are its part. When the door to realm of Guru opens, development of Knowledge completes. During this state, ego turns into Self. This is known as development of understanding of Atma in ones own Atma. Here the knowledge of Shakti or power is complete, but power of action keeps on increasing step by step. Slowly slowly, atma lights up. On realization of complete tattva of Guru, sense of I and others, all gets removed. This is known as removed of Khand (Part) and dawning of Akhand(अखण्ड)/ Complete. One is able to experience Desire, Knowledge and Action separately or in form.

Gyanganj is beyond Guru Rajya or realm. This realm is actually higher Guru realm. During first stage it was in the form of light and later due to action performed in the physical body it converted into a rajya(राज्य) or kingdom. The Charam or Extreme Guru Rajya has not established till now. 

When the Akhand or Complete realm will establish, then first two stages of Guru realm will disappear, then creation will be Vyapak or everywhere, then both Guru rajya(गुरु राज्य) and middle Gyanganj(ज्ञानगञ्ज) will come under it. During some austerities performed in Kaal Rajya or realm of death, the above Guru realm and Gyanganj(ज्ञानगञ्ज) were created. Since the austerities were not completely performed, hence the centre points of the two realms of Guru could not unite. The central point which is the seat of Guru on that 'Mother' has established.   

In the first level of Guru realm, Mother appears in the form of Shiv.

In second level Guru Realm of Gyanganj, Mother(मां) appears in the form of three power of Desire(इच्छा), Knowledge(ज्ञान) and action(क्रिया), at the three apexes of the triangle. In the middle, or at the centroid of this triangle lies Parma Shakti or primordial power.  She is the inner most or uppermost cnetre of creation. After completing the Karma of Gyanganj in the realm of Death, one gains entry here. Here also 'Mother' is in the form of a Guru. On piercing this realm only, one gains entry into the real realm of Guru, which is known as Akhand Guru Rajya or unfragmented or Complete Guru realm. This is fully conscious realm. After getting favor from the one established in its centre only, one gains entry into this realm. 

In the first Guru realm, after getting favor from Guru one gains entry. After completing one's sadhana jn the mortal frame one gets this qualification.

In the second level, due to the favor of the centre established guru, one gets right of karma. After completing this action in the mortal frame, one gains entry into this realm. Here one transcends time.

In both the above levels, it is not possible to offer action freely to anyone outside the centre (by guru). Central figure, allots action to people in the realm of death. The onus of fulfilling this work, lies with the those in the realm of death to whom this work has been assigned. Without completing this they can not get free of the debt of their guru. This is true for both 1st and 2nd level of Guru realm. 

Before entering the third realm of Guru one has to pierce the realm of Sun as the third guru realm lies beyond Sun. This is done with the help of Mahagyan(महाज्ञान) or great knowledge. During it, Parma Prakriti is pierced. When great grace awakens then this Guru realm door opens. Then Kaal(काल), Parkaal(परकाल), This realm, That realm all are joined in one line and complete effulgence takes place This state never down grades. This is known as the introduction to centre point of third realm of Guru......Om 


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