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Renderings on Kundalini Tattva - I

 from 'Gyan Ganj', written by Pt.Gopinath Kaviraj, translated into Hindi by SN Khandelwal.

When we talk of Kundlini, which is a topic tantra, generally we discuss 7 chakras(चक्र) and 51 matrika shaktis(मातृका शक्तियां). The seven chakras written mostly are Mooladhar( मूलधार), Swadhishthan(स्वधिष्ठान), Manipur(मणिपुर), Anahat(अनाहत), Vishudhi(विशुद्धि), Ajna(आज्ञा) and Sahasrar(सहस्रार) respectively.  There are 4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 02 and 1000 petals in them respectively. Below the Navel, Kundalini is in sleep or sushupt(सुषुप्त) state. 

When it awakens and rises a kind of effulgence or light appears. This effulgence has four different levels(Mooladhar) which are represented by three Varnas of Ida(इडा), Pingala(पिङ्गला) and Sushumana(सुषुमना) and fourth of Cosmos or Smashti(समष्टि). By the power of practice of kriya one has to raise all of them upwards, there, Ida and Pingla are neutralized or get balanced and Sushumana lights up and only one Varna is left. In total 6 Varnas appear(Swadhishthan). Thus the evolution keeps on happening in various chakras and in the Ajna chakra only 02 varnas are left. 

When all the Varnas of first 05 Chakras become one (4+6+10+12+16=48 Varnas), they move up as one united force. This united force of 48 Varnas is known as Gyan Chakshu(ज्ञान चक्षु) i.e Eye of Knowledge. When it moves up in the Ajna chakra, it removes the veil of ignorance. When this happens, then another power descends from above, these two powers, one coming from below and other descending from above are the two(02) petals of Ajna chakra. The effulgence which comes from above is from Sahasrar chakra(सहस्रार चक्र). Ignorant jeevas(जीव) can not comprehend it. Comprehension dawns only when knowledge arises. This is the secret trade of Ajna chakra. The essence of all the chakras is this knowledge, this is developed by regular practice of Kriya(क्रिया). Then all the varnas merge into one force or shakti. When this happens their differentiation idea of ones mind gets removed. If anyone tries to do this forcefully, then he can never reach that space. 

Without going into Ajna chakra, understanding can not be generated. Though while doing Kriyas everything happens as per its effect, but one can not comprehend it or understand it. On awakening of Kundalini lotus in the navel opens up. This lotus is present everybody's body but it is closed. When going in Ajna chakra(अज्ञा चक्र), we practice Jyoti-mudra(ज्योति मुद्रा) and see the circle of light also known as Yogi's Sun, when that arises, Kundalini is said to have been awakened

With great energy, when one performs one's kriyas everyday, then he burns up all his earlier karmas. Daily practice of yog is the main thing. By continuously doing what has been told by one's Sadguru, with full devotion and control leads to purification of Chitt, which further leads to rising of true knowledge. After it, pure Bhakti starts flowing. When Bhakti ripen, love rises, when that happens heart melts. The only sadhan or tool to achieve primordial mother is 'love'.......(contd. to Part II)..Om!    

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