Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Renderings on Kundalini Tattva - II

from 'Gyanganj', written by Pt. Gopinath Kaviraj and translated into Hindi by SN Khandelwal.

We have discussed three levels of Guru realms in the Part-I. In the first level of Guru realm, Shiv is in the form of a dead body or shav(शव). Here the practitioner attains Vaindav(वैन्दव) Kaya or body. This kind of body is eternal but not Ajar(अजर) i.e. it does get old though. In the second level of Guru realm, Shiv gets transformed into Param Shiv(परम शिव) but he is still in Nidra(निद्रा) or sleep state. In this level of Guru realm, which is known as Gyan ganj(ज्ञानगञ्ज्), one achieves Vaindav(वैन्दव) plus Shakti Kaya(शक्ति काया) i.e. one attain a state of eternal as well as non-aging body. In Bhiaravi(भैरवी) state there is old age but in devi state even old age does not exist. After this comes the 'Rajrajeshwari Math'(राजराजेशवरी मठ). After transcending this math only one can proceed towards third level of Guru realm. If a yogi can accomplish the work of third realm in the mortal physical body then he will get connected with the Mahabindu(महा बिन्दु).

Akhand(अखण्ड) or unbroken complete effulgence itself is Shiv Tattva, After piercing all the chakras in the physical body, either in Sahasrar(सहस्रार) or above it, Shiv tattva is exhibited in boundaryless effulgence. 

When we take primordial power as oir goal then Shiv gets converted to Param Shiv. Primordial Shakti is established on the middle of the lotus issuing from the navel of Shiv. By the union of Shiv and Primordial power or Parma prakriti(परमा-प्राकृति), Param Shiv(परम शिव) Shines forth. After complete development of Shakti, path to the navel open. From that space, Brahmnaal(ब्रह्मनाल) arises. This Brahmnaal(ब्रह्मनाल) is higher than the one which lies in the Sushumana which pierces the six chakras, reason being it has come from the navel of Shiv. In the middle of the lotus atop it, resides the Mahashakti(महाशक्ति). Here Param Shiv goes into sleep state. Hence this state also is not a complete state yet. 

When Shakti is little awake, then Shiv is Shav or dead body. This is the first stage of Shakti rising and Adya shakti is said to be in the form of Kali(काली) here

When it rises up to Sandhi sthan(सन्धि स्थान) by little more awakening then She takes the form of Tara(तारा). Shiv is still like dead body.

When Shakti rises more it becomes Lalita or Rajrajeshwari(राजराजेशवरी), at that time Shiv comes into sleep state. The maximum expense of Gyanganj(ज्ञानगञ्ज) realm is up to here only. Still completeness is not achieved.

By performing Nabhi Dhauti(नाभि धौति), Param Shiv state is achieved. This is state of great knowledge(महाज्ञान). Now one has to pierce the Rajrajeshwari(राज्राजेश्वरी) also sitting in the middle of the lotus. When Param Shiv awakens fully then 16th Tattva, Akhand Chaitanya() will arise in steps. First step will be Anand(आनन्द), second step will Vigyan(विज्ञान) and third step will be establishment of Truth(सत्य).

As the area of realm increases, the centre has to become stronger. When centre attains limitless powers than the area of operation becomes cosmic level. Hence number of those entering the centre will become extremely few. The expansion of area of grace of centre is not limitless. If this happens then centre will become weak. As the spread of grace become less and less, the rules and regulations will become more and more strict else achievement of goal will become more and more difficult. Gyan ganj is purely a karm/ action oriented Sthan or realm or space. In the Guru realm 'Mother' or 'Ma' is the essence. Rest everything is for achievement of this goal only..............Om!  


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