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Renderings: Science of Death & Secret of Karm - Part III

Science of Death & Secret of Karm - Part III : 'Akhand Mahayog Path and Science of Death', written by Gopinath Kaviraj and translated into Hindi by Hans Kumar Tiwari.

It is said that a yogi who has acquired power of Chitshakti(चित्तशक्ति) he is able to experience the whole world. Due to the effect of Chit shakti, veils of physical body, Pran(प्राण) etc. are forgotten and veil less form is exhibited. When this form of uncovered self is seen then whole world is seen as indifferent form the self. As fire consumes all the material put inside it, in the same manner when light of uncovered self arises all the snares of the world are cut asunder.

Experience of the world as an extension of the self is known as Chidanand(चिदानन्द). When this state arises or it becomes stronger, even experiencing the physical body, maintaining the dealings in the world, oneness with the self remains unbroken. State of 'Seer' may be known as inside lotus; oneness state may be known as location inside Karnika(कर्णिका) or Bindu (बिन्दु) of the lotus and rising state is like sitting on the petals of the lotus. In both the states, the location is inside the lotus and not outside.

As per Raseshwar sampradaya, after attaining Jivanmukt state, physical body does not dis-integrate. As per them meaning of Jivan mukt state, is eternity of the physical body. As per them How can there be a Jeevan mukt state without victory over death. Dehsiddhi(देह्सिद्धि) can be achieved with the help of Hatha yog(हाथायोग), with the help of Kundalini rising through mantra jap or other methods. It has two branches. First one deals in the conversion of  physical body into siddh body with the help of purification while in the second with the help of grace of guru when through gross physical form one attains Vaindav deh() that becomes the siddh body. It is also known as Kaya Shodhan as per Gorakshnath lineage. Even if the physical form is under the effect of Kaal or time but Vaindav Deh attains victory over it. As per some after siddh deh(सिद्धदेह) is attained or after becoming victorious over death, Pranavdeh(प्रणवदेह) achievement is known as Paramukti. Jivan mukt (जीवनमुक्त) person attains Siddhdeh(सिद्धदेह) and its not under the effect of kaal but there is another body above the Siddh body too and that is Pranav body. As per this point of view there is no question of sustenance of previous life karmas. 

As per Budhists especially ancient one's, Jeevan mukt state is also known as 'Arhat' state. Some call it as Sadeh nirman(सदेहनिर्माण)..........Om!!. Shaktanand.         

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