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Renderings from 'Creation of Gyanganj' - Part I

Renderings from 'Creation of Gyanganj' - written by Pt.Gopinath Kaviraj ji and translated to Hindi by SN Khandelwal.

 There is no difference between of entities of Gyanganj (ज्ञानगञ्ज) realm and its creator. In fact due to the existence of the entity of its creator only, Gyanganj (ज्ञानगञ्ज) is. In other words, we can say that Gyanganj (ज्ञानगञ्ज) realm is the outer manifestation of the inner pulsation in that great causal entity (महासत्ता). In the beginning, there is no pulsation in that great causal reality, as everything is perfectly still and peaceful. In this state of oneness, there can not be any outward pulsation whatsoever. When there is no thought of outer manifestation of creation of cosmos, then there will be no thought of grace (करुणा) at all. Hence for creator to rain down his Karuna on creation, duality has to emerge, world has to be created. Hence the idea is to convert this creation into Love-filled-Gyan rajya (pure knowledge realm). 

Thus when that creative forces, thinks of creating duality, in that state the inner waves of duality start flowing. How do these waves come together? They come together because of cry of all the subjects to be relieved of the pain filling this universe. Whatever we call happiness in this creation is totally relative, temporary, unstable and the the creation of the universe can not get satiated with it, a lack of something or the other is always felt. Jeevas lack (आभाव) can not be fulfilled. All the cries of pain of jeevas get together or collected in the sky. 

In this world nothing gets permanently decimated. Its Hindi word is Nasht (नष्ट). Word Nasht (नष्ट) is made from Dhatu 'Nash(नश्)', which means disappearance. Thus, things disappear but do not get destroyed for ever. Only thing is our senses can not perceive them. Slowly as the cries of pain keep assimilating in the sky, they start to pierce Bhootakash (भूताकाश) and enter Chittakash (चित्ताकाश). This movement happen to pulsate Chidakash (चिदाकाश) too. Thus in the oneness state of the creator, pulsation of duality starts entering. Due to the duality creating pulsation, the idea of creation of the world starts manifesting and he gets moved to provide grace by seeing the pain therein. This flow of grace is to seen in the state of complete mergence in Brham (ब्रह्म), Ishwar (इश्वर) state or the state of Parmatama (परम-आत्मा). 

How to define dual and non-dual and how dual could encroach into non-dual. Non+dual is non-dual, a state where there is no dual. For example, think of water lying in two different shaped utensils at different place, they being at different places, having different shapes are called two or dual, though water is same. Now if we bring them together and pour both in one utensil then water is said to be one or non-dual, which it was earlier too. Real meaning of Non-dual is achievement of oneness. Meaning of non-dual does not mean total annihilation of dual but communion. In such a state physical, mental, as per sight, as per space, as per state all kinds of dualities disappear. This is known as the establishment of ruler as one alone. This is Vyashti (व्यष्टि) state and real Smashti (समष्टि) state. In Smashti state apart form ruler's state oneness, whole creation achieves that state. Till now only the ruler has achieved oneness but all the jeevas are totally unknown to it. They are experiencing duality which is the cause of all the pain. Till the pain of all the jeevas of the world and their cry will start piercing the Chidakash (चिदाकाश), then in that non dual state, in the mind of the ruler (अधिष्ठाता) idea of Smashti (समष्टि) consciousness starts arising. When that happens then from the consciousness of the ruler Mahatapa (महातपा), grace starts percolating. This flow of grace or Karuna (करुणा) is in fact manifestation of Vishudhanand (विशुद्ध आनन्द) but this subject is not point of discussion right now. 

When the cry of pain of all the jeevas pierces Chidakash then an unprecedented things happen. In the solid state of non-dual state, a form of melting or flow takes place. This flow is the flow of Anand (आनन्द). When it remains inside then it keeps concentrated. And in that state, it can not tasted or experienced. In complete oneness state, the difference between experienced and experiencer being not there hence anand (आनन्द) also can not experienced thus there is complete absence of this state. Hence we can address that Anand as Niranand (निरानन्द) state. This state is beyond anand. It means Anand (आनन्द) is there but it is in its nascent form yet. 

Along with melting of the anand, to experience it a 'witness (साक्षी)' state also arises. Witnesser is the seer. When seer starts establishing then sight also has to come to complete the duality. Thus in the consciousness of Mahatapa, when 'witness' state arises, along with it Gyanganj realm also starts to establish. Gyanganj itself is the melting of that condensed form of Anand. Here every thing is chinmaya consciousness. There is nothin in jad or gross or unconscious state there. As whole of the creation of Vrindavan is conscious, where Kalindi talks, Giriraj talks, all the kunjas (बाग) and trees talk, in the same manner is the realm of gyanganj. Since everything is fully consciousness hence it is called light form (प्रकाश स्वरूप). Since that seen has arisen in the sight of the consciousness of the fully conscious being, hence it is pure. Its purity shines like a crystal. Hence in Gyanganj, all around there is pure effulgence like crystal. The earth also is fully consciousness like the mother's lap is. Earth of the mortal world is tough and hence it is totally jad (जड) and gross (स्थूल) or unconscious. The devi of earth in puranas is fully conscious, it appears and gives darshan, shower boons but in our earth of the mortal world those attributes are not present. One has to work a lot on it to get any kind of crop from it. This is because it is not conscious. But if we compare it with earth of Gyanganj, which is fully conscious, it provides everything to all those who reside over it on its own. For this yogis residing there do not have to do any kind of work on it form their requirements.         

This is because this fully conscious realm of Gyanganj has been established due to the wish of a great yogi. Every atom of that realm charged with that power. Hence being charged with that wish of great yogi, all the requirements of yogis living on it are generated through that power only. The power of desire alone is the Uma Ma established there. We can say that power of desire is present in the gross form of Uma ma in Gyanganj (ज्ञानगञ्ज). There is no question of individual desire there as one desire only reigns supreme and nobody feels it forced on them. Following This desire, is the swabhav (स्वभाव) of all yogis living there. This is the meaning of complete surrender to lord's desire......... to be continued to Part II. -----------Om!    

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